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Human Resource Services

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Whether you are an employer or employee I can assist you with finding the right talent or your dream job. I have extensive experience in HR and the recruitment space and know the importance of finding the right talent and placing the candidate at the right organisation.


Person-job-fit is key and by being a qualified psychometrist I understand competencies and human behaviour and sourcing the right talent. I follow a holistic approach to recruitment, including competency-based interviewing and reference checks. I value quality and will always strive to find the industry’s best professionals

Psychometric Assessments


I offer an array of different options for psychometric assessments.


Recruitment: Assessments play an integral part in the  recruitment process and can improve decision-making by 50%.


Career Guidance: Choosing a career is probably one of the biggest decisions you are ever going to make. I will guide you towards the right career by identifying your potential, interests and personality. This also applies to career changes.


Personal/ Self-directed/ Personal Growth/Development: Assessments to support career change, personal growth or developmental purposes. Investing in yourself and understanding yourself better. 


Succession Planning: Assessing current staff for leadership positions or personal growth purposes. Identifying a development plan to support employees to get to the next phase in their career


Interview Skills and CV Drafting


Whether you are a graduate or a job seeker, an interview can change your life. I will coach you to perform optimally in an interview and ensure that your CV is perfectly composed.

HR Consulting


I can assist with any other HR-related queries such as developing job descriptions, competency-based interview guides, onboarding processes, leadership development, recruitment etc.

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